Flowers that magically last forever.

Sola Wood Flowers – The new wave in the flower industry! What are they? Flowers handcrafted from Balsa wood. The exterior layer of balsa wood are removed and thin sheets of sola wood are skillfully shaved off, then sliced into different flower petals and formed into beautiful blossoms.

While, sola wood flowers are made from Balsa wood they are amazingly soft and natural looking like real flowers.

There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from. You have the option to choose the natural cream color of sola wood or any custom colors you want. Simply purchase premade bouquets online, or you can even purchase DIY craft packs and DIY them yourself!

Are you wondering about the scent? Well, there are a variety of scent to choose from as well, from essential oils; such as flowery scent rose, lavender, jasmine, or a fruity scent like grapefruit and orange. You can choose the scent that you prefer and have them smell exactly like real flowers.

People today prefer the idea of more avant-garde wedding art. Sola wood flowers fits the modern bride. The new-fangled and ingenious ideas of using unique sola wood flowers personalised to their wedding themes. From bride’s bouquets, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonnieres to wedding floral centerpieces capture the hearts of many. Most importantly the flowers are everlasting. Brides can keep their wedding bouquets forever, looking at the beautiful flowers a few years down the road brings back romantic memories of their wedding day.

Other than weddings, there are many uses sola wood flowers for their home as well. They can be used as home décor on wood signs or table centerpieces that double as a conversation piece whenever you have guests over.

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