Brides-to-be should consider Craft Peonies!

Peonies are incredibly gorgeous so it’s easy to see why peony flower always makes its mark. They also have a rich history and the meaning of peonies make them popular as well.

Why do Brides love peony bouquets so much? It’s because of their plump layers of lush petals, rounded blooms which signifies good fortune, honor, blissful marriage and prosperity. With their layers of crimped petals it creates a beautiful luxurious look, which is commonly used for anniversaries or weddings.

Peonies comes in a wide range of colors, here are their meanings:

Pink – Romantic and seen in many cultures which signifies good luck and prosperity
White/Cream – Classy and romantic without being overly feminine, giving off a crisp and clean feel.
Deep Red – This color is most cherished in China and Japan, and has the strongest ties to honor and respect. It’s also the most symbolic of wealth and prosperity in those cultures.
Do you have a color in mind now?

The good news is Craft peonies will be launching soon!

Our Craft peonies are made from high quality crepe papers which are most natural looking and most importantly, it is available anytime of the year. A heavenly mix of crafted peonies and sola wood flowers produces the most enchanting of bouquets.

Or you may want to customise your bouquet? Fill in our Made-to-order form and we can tailor made color themes for your wedding personally.

Please.. stay with us for updates on new designs of peonies with sola wood flowers!

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