Your wedding day is drawing near and you want to look your best. With a little pre-wedding grooming, you will be the well-groomed groom that your fiancée loves. Although manicures, pedicures, massages and waxing has long been the bailiwick of women, they are gaining popularity with today’s metrosexual men. We will bring you up to speed and tell how you should prepare yourself for the big day.

Pearly Whites

If you have discolored teeth, schedule a whitening treatment with your dental hygienist a few weeks before your wedding. You are going to want your teeth looking their best for photos. And don’t forget to have mints on the standby if you suffer from Halitosis.


If you have a summer wedding, wear sunscreen ahead of your wedding to avoid looking too flush. For a winter wedding, avoid dry skin by introducing a moisturiser in advance. But whatever you do, don’t try new skincare products right before your wedding as your skin may be sensitive to certain ingredients.

Facial Hair

If you sport facial hair, you may need to trim your neck and hairline before your wedding date to look your absolute best.

For a perfect shave, apply pre-shave oil to soften hairs. Use a shaving brush to whip up some shaving cream in a bowl and lather it on your face – by using a brush, each hair will be lifted and your skin will get exfoliated too. Follow up with some soothing aftershave balm to moisturise your skin and avoid rashes.

For a trendsetting designer stubble look, allow the hairs to grow until it starts to feel itchy, then follow the natural lines on your face to create the shape by wet shaving the areas outside of your facial lines.

Hair Cut

When it comes to wedding day haircut, either you go for your usual or try something new. If you fancy a different style, take a photo of it and ask your hair stylist if it suits your features and your hair type. Do not try a new hairstyle on your big day. The last thing you want is to be showing off a goofy new hairstyle on your wedding day.

Most men will go for their usual, if this is what you choose to do, go for your haircut one to two weeks before your big day. This will give your hair time to let the style settle and not have the just-cut look. A sharp and neat look is what you should go for.

Back and Shoulder

If your back is covered with hair, now is the time to deal with it.  There are several hair removal methods that you can try:

  • Waxing, it’s quick and clean but you’ll need to have it done at a reputable salon. It will be painful but less than trying it yourself at home. Make sure you pay attention to aftercare instructions.
  • Laser is expensive but the results will be more permanent. You will need to get assessed by a laser therapist. A typical treatment course consists of 6 to 8 sessions with 4 to 5 weeks between each session.
  • Depilatory creams are the cheapest option, but they have a strong odour and can irritate sensitive skins. Get someone to apply it for you though as applying yourself can get tricky.

Chest Hair

If you are quite attached to your chest hair, keep it trim and neat, nobody wants to see tufts of hair escaping out the top of your shirt button.

A smooth chest however requires more regular maintenance, but it does give your chest muscles more definition. Shaving will quickly and effectively remove your unwanted hair, but you could get a rash or ingrown hairs, and your other half has to deal with your prickly stubble when it grows out.

Waxing will give you a smooth chest for longer, but you’ll have to book in for regular sessions at the salon.

Laser removal is the most effective hair removal method but it is also the most expensive as the results will be long lasting. Remember to begin the treatment at least 8 to 10 months before the big day.


On your wedding day, your hands and nails are focus on in lots of close-ups during ring exchanges, and as you show off your shiny new ring to your wedding guests. So put in some effort and get a manicure to make sure your nails are clip, moisturised and buffed. If you have callouses, the manicurist will help to remove them. If you are apprehensive about stepping into a nail salon, book an appointment at a gentlemen’s groomer. Pedicures are optional.

For rough hands, start to moisturise them in advance. Use products for men if you don’t want your hands smelling of lavender or rose.


The wedding planning and the budgets has left you feeling stressed. It’s time to unwind and have a massage to release all the tension. Take your groomsmen along and spend a few hours at the spa. Massages will not only leave you feeling relax, but it will show on your face, and in your posture too.

Scent of a man

The scent of a man is paramount, so whether you are wearing your signature cologne, or choosing a new scent for the occasion, don’t forget to wear a fragrance on your wedding day. Just remember to keep it light. This would guarantee you to smell incredible and get more than one kiss on your wedding day.

If you have sweaty armpits, wear a deodorant and make sure you test it ahead of your big day.

Lastly, keep yourself well hydrated, have enough sleep and exercise regularly. Avoid fast food, instead try to eat more fish, greens, berries and nuts and, if you can, drink less alcohol. It will show in your face if you had too much to drink the night before, so take the time to look your best on your wedding day and remind her exactly why she said yes.

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