Faux flowers are on the brink of a major comeback. We are not talking about plastic flowers. With the advent of sola wood flowers and crepe paper flowers, sales of artificial flowers have gone up significantly. These days, on almost any street, you can easily find these divinely stunning flowers – which you can keep, not just a few days, but forever.

I’ve always love fresh cut flowers, the blooms and colors blows one’s mind. From a young age, I have always picked up flowers from garden and embellished my home.  But the next day, the petals starts to wilt gradually, which made me feel sad. But now, with the new generation of faux flowers that are so natural looking that they look exactly like real flowers.

We are very excited about forever flowers that are handcrafted from Sola Wood. Although handcrafted from wood, they are soft and natural looking. They are perfect for any flower arrangement, and will definitely bring a smile to your face.

How about weddings? Should brides consider sola flowers? Yes, they definitely should! Sola flowers, crepe paper flowers and silk flowers do not wilt, which is a consideration during warm-weather. Fresh flowers are too delicate and tend to droop quickly. Sola flowers won’t get frozen in cold weather are also very lightweight, making handling and transportation to their wedding venues fairly easy. Brides do not have to worry about the delicate blooms falling apart, or flowers turning brown. Your bridal bouquet will still look gorgeous on your 20th anniversary as it did on your wedding day. These forever flowers can be scented like a real flower without causing allergies!

  1. Hassle Free

You can order them online from the comfort of your home, and they will be delivered right to your door step. Getting them months ahead before your wedding might be advisable, as you might be busy with other priorities in the upcoming weeks to your special day.

  1. Allergen free

Many wish to fill their home with beautiful, flourishing blooms, but intense allergies prohibit this. Consider filling your home, event/weddings with lush sola wood flowers, and you may even get generous compliments from your guests who suffer from allergies to pollen.

  1. Lifelike

Many brides, florist and flower lovers tend to be concern about how faux flowers may look. They may look tacky and appear fake. But now, with sola wood flowers which are soft and natural looking, offer shockingly real appearance that your guest will take a second look and even want to feel them. Many who still refuse to using faux flowers will fall in love with sola Wood flowers after seeing how real and natural they look.

  1. Forever lasting

For special events such as weddings, are memories you will not want to forget, sola wood flowers create a lasting momento. You can even change your arrangements as often as you want by using the flowers in different new ways.

  1. Any Flower. Any Color. Any Time.

What if your flower of choice is not in season for your wedding, or too expensive to get them shipped due to its unavailability? That’s not a problem with sola flowers! You can have your favourite color of flowers all year round, no matter the season or even colors you can’t find in fresh flowers. Custom made your bridal bouquet with the colors you can only dream of! This makes it incredibly affordable and hassle free when you have certain color themes in mind for your wedding. Don’t compromise on in season fresh flowers, just go for custom made sola wood flowers.

  1. Affordable

Sola wood flowers cost less than real flowers, and they are definitely worth your pennies as you are paying for a handcrafted flower.

  1. Durable

Sola wood flowers are so durable and able to withstand a number of things which you can’t do with fresh flowers. Getting flowers from floral shop, to your home and then to your designated venue could be a challenge with fresh flowers. From unavoidable squashing and wilting, delicate fresh flowers need extra care to safely transport them. With sola wood flowers, you will not face this problem. Their stems do not break, and if the flowers get squash, they can be reshape easily.

Also, shipping fresh flowers in mail can be a chore, as fresh flowers have to be kept cool throughout the whole journey to your event. With sola flowers, you do not have to worry about flowers wilting before. They stay gorgeous after your event.

  1. Home and Business Use

With our hectic schedules, from working, taking care of kids, getting daily exercises, gatherings with buddies and making dinner, watering and tending to your plants would be the last thing on your mind. Sola flowers are hassle-free. No watering, no sunlight, no need to buy new soil and pots when your plants get bigger.

  1. Repurpose

Repurpose your sola floral arrangements! Create memories of your special events forever. After the wedding, use your wedding bouquet flowers to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room or bedroom simply by placing them in a vase.

American faux-flower designer. Lauren says that they are no ways of replicating flowers and never aims to be. She wants to capture the beautiful moment of the plant’s form and creating memories that last forever.


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