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Craft Flower creates bespoke sola floral arrangements, wedding accessories, unique centerpieces and stylish decor for every occasion. Sola flowers are handcrafted from Balsa wood which are naturally cream in color. While they are made from wood, they are soft and natural looking. Since each flower is handcrafted, no two are exactly the same and that variation is what makes each flower so unique and beautiful.

At Craft Flower, we are extremely passionate about design and quality. Only the finest quality Balsa wood sheets are selected and handcrafted with time-honoured tradition and most importantly, passion, into truly breathtaking and stunning designs. “Flowers from the heart”, are what our artisans truly believe.

Thank you for visiting us at Craft Flower, we hope you find something you love.


Craft Flower operates two distribution centres. One is located in Malmo, Sweden. It handles all orders from Americas and Europe; whilst our other distribution centre located in Singapore takes care of orders from Asia and the Oceania regions.

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